Juggler & Motivational Speaker

Andreas Gebhardt is not just a speaker – he is an experience. With over 20 years of experience as a professional juggler, during which he presented more than 5000 shows in over 20 countries, he has learned how to captivate an audience. His passion and dedication can be felt in every word he says.

For a juggler, mistakes are a daily companion. Too few of them mean that one does not develop further, too many end the career very quickly. It’s about the right way to deal with mistakes and learning from them. He shares this knowledge in his lectures, using the art of juggling to make the importance of mistakes and how to handle them tangible.

In a constantly changing entertainment industry, Andreas has learned to adapt and reinvent himself. He understands change not just from books, but from personal experience. He has constantly evolved, adapted his business model, and further educated himself in areas such as economics, tourism, and change management. Therefore, his lectures offer not only entertainment but also valuable insights into change and how to master it.

Big names like Allianz, BASF, and Daimler have already relied on Andreas Gebhardt’s expertise. They trust him because he doesn’t just talk, he inspires. Because he doesn’t just provide information, he evokes emotions. If you are looking for a speaker who makes your event unforgettable and offers real value to your guests, then Andreas Gebhardt is the right choice.



  • Worldwide as juggler & entertainer
  • Worldwide as speaker about error culture
  • Show booking & directing for variety shows
  • Freelancing Project Consultant at Consensa
  • Heldenrat – as honorary Consultant for social initiatives
  • Lecturer for project and event management at the University for Applied Sciences in Bremerhaven