Welcome to the world of unconventional keynotes!

Are you searching for an extraordinary speaker who captivates and inspires your audience? Someone who not only speaks but also demonstrates? Then you’ve come to the right place. Andreas Gebhardt is a juggler & speaker and has been recognized as one of the most sought-after top speakers for companies across all industries.

Testimonials Vorträge Backround"The ideal combination of
entertainment, information and inspiration."
Testimonials Vorträge Backround“Inspiring and refreshingly different – loved it!“,
„Best session so far. Awesome.”
Testimonials Vorträge Backround“All participants enjoyed especially the
impressive combination of theory and practice.
An inspiration for all who are looking for new learning formats!”
Testimonials Vorträge Backround"Witty, dynamic, and above all, highly entertaining...
(he) combined inspiring food for thought for everyday work life
with spectacular juggling performances."

His presentations are entertaining, inspiring, and unforgettable. As an experienced keynote speaker, he ignites a fireworks of insights, visual highlights, and practical tips that participants can implement on the same day. Perfect for companies and corporations working on their corporate culture, facing a change, or simply organizing a memorable event.

Whether at executive events, client or networking events, as a dinner speech, keynote or closing speech he guarantees you an exceptional talk that will excite and inspire your audience. Contact him today and experience an unforgettable lecture!


What would I be without mistakes? A juggler reveals

Error culture is a key challenge of the future. Companies must be able to act quickly and adapt to new circumstances in order to be successful, and mistakes are part of this journey.  The pesentation shows how mistakes can lead to better cooperation, innovation and improvement. Companies that cultivate an open error culture motivate and inspire their employees and are better prepared for the future.

Let’s change perspective and see mistakes as opportunities. Andreas makes error culture tangible! He inspires his audience to embrace the opportunities of mistakes and shape a successful future.

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Holding On Is Not the Solution!

Readiness for change is the key to Success in a constantly evolving market. But those who shy away from risks will be left behind. Juggler and Speaker Andreas Gebhardt shows you in his inspiring presentation how to perceive uncertainty as an opportunity and increase your innovation power. Discover how to prepare yourself and your company for the challenges of the future and motivate employees to embrace change.

With valuable insights and inspiring examples from the world of juggling, Andreas Gebhardt provides you with the tools to face challenges despite uncertainty. Treat yourself and your company to an extraordinary impulse and get ready for the future.

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Grasp Your Success: Juggler’s Mindset for Triumph

Pure motivation and inspiration. In this lecture you will learn how the principles of juggling can also be transferred to the business world. Andreas Gebhardt shows you how to tackle uncertainty and incomplete information with courage and work together as a team to succeed. He shares his valuable insights and gives you the tools to develop and grow yourself and your business. An entertaining and encouraging talk that will give you the juggler’s key success principles for the business world. Book this keynote to ensure you have everything under control tomorrow!


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Outstanding references speak for themselves. Each of his clients is satisfied, with 80% of bookings coming from direct referrals.

With over 25 years of experience as a juggler and entertainer on international stages, he combines the principles of juggling with the challenges of the business world.

Equipped with a business degree and experience in project management and change management, he is well-prepared to take your company to the next level.

His show-keynotes are interactive and tailored to your needs. Whether you have a small team or a large group, you will experience an engaging and entertaining journey.

As a special highlight, a juggling workshop for up to 100 participants can be arranged following the keynote, featuring partner exercises that strengthen teamwork and collaboration.

Testimonial Vorträge Backround 2"...our international team was without exception delighted."BASF
Testimonial Vorträge Backround 2"At last, a truly unique and refreshing presentation,
away from all the familiar and often conventional formats."
Testimonial Vorträge Backround 2"Your speech, your performance, your entire presence,and of course,
the interactivity captivated the audience.
The participants were enthralled and full of praise."
Testimonial Vorträge Backround 2"Serious in the subject matter, but humorous and eloquent in his approach,
he made the sensitive issue of 'error culture' visible and tangible."

What kind of keynote would you like to see?

What are you juggling in your everyday life? Which challenges are you facing? What do you want to get a good grip on?

Would you like to find your topics originally presented in a kynote speech?

Andreas Gebhardt tailors the content of his lectures to the participants and the goals of the events. The usual format is between 25 and 45 minutes, but can be customised. The Keynotes can be placed as dinner speeches. However, it is also possible to continue working on the content after the lecture. Depending on the size of the group, there is also the possibility to make a juggling workshop.

Let us set the right tone to make a sound keynote for your event so it echoes long.