From Content to Fascination: The extraordinary keynote that captivates and motivates

Explore the captivating world of error culture with Andreas Gebhardt – the expert who seamlessly merges business and entertainment. Through the eyes of a juggler, he reveals how mistakes influence growth and performance. With stunning visuals and gripping stories, he engages your audience, leaving them in awe, laughter, and with valuable insights.

Free yourself from the fear of booking a boring or incompetent speaker. Andreas Gebhardt is the expert who will enthuse and empower your listeners, while providing invaluable perspectives on the true potential of error culture.

Elevate your event and inspire your employees, colleagues, and audience members. Show them how to use mistakes as stepping stones to progress and achievement. Contact us now and allow Andreas’s captivating presentation on error culture to enthrall you.

Testimonials Vorträge Backround"The ideal combination of
entertainment, information and inspiration."
Testimonials Vorträge Backround“Inspiring and refreshingly different – loved it!“,
„Best session so far. Awesome.”
Testimonials Vorträge Backround“All participants enjoyed especially the
impressive combination of theory and practice.
An inspiration for all who are looking for new learning formats!”
Testimonials Vorträge Backround"Witty, dynamic, and above all, highly entertaining...
(he) combined inspiring food for thought for everyday work life
with spectacular juggling performances."



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Learning and Mistakes:

  • Active Learning instead of Pure Theory
  • Creating Learning and Experimentation Opportunities
  • Trusting Environment and Honest Feedback

Mistakes in Collaboration:

  • Proactively and Cooperatively Addressing Deviations
  • Solution-Oriented Approach instead of Blaming
  • Focus on Active Shaping of the Culture

Mistakes & Trust:

  • Trust in Collaboration
  • Courageously and Confidently Shaping the Future

One Mistake is Better than None:

  • Courage for Innovation and Growth
  • New Experiences Expand the Comfort Zone

Communicating Mistakes:

  • Open and Direct Communication of Mistakes
  • Future-Oriented Error Discussions

Juggling Performance:

  • Visual Highlight at the End of the Presentation


In this inspiring keynote, Andreas Gebhardt addresses the important aspects of error culture, including active learning, handling mistakes in collaboration, trust, courage for innovation, communicating errors, and concludes with an impressive juggling performance.

Testimonial Vorträge Backround 2"...our international team was without exception delighted."BASF
Testimonial Vorträge Backround 2"At last, a truly unique and refreshing presentation,
away from all the familiar and often conventional formats."
Testimonial Vorträge Backround 2"Your speech, your performance, your entire presence,and of course,
the interactivity captivated the audience.
The participants were enthralled and full of praise."
Testimonial Vorträge Backround 2"Serious in the subject matter, but humorous and eloquent in his approach,
he made the sensitive issue of 'error culture' visible and tangible."



Typically, Andreas Gebhardt’s presentations last between 30 and 45 minutes, with the length being flexible to accommodate your needs. Whether you prefer a shorter 20-minute presentation or a more comprehensive performance of up to 90 minutes, AG offers tailored talks.

Virtual Option

For virtual events, Andreas Gebhardt’s presentations are particularly well-suited. With his dedicated streaming studio, he can deliver a professional and impressive online presentation. The online talks are concise and to the point, designed to maintain audience engagement and maximize impact.

Juggling Workshop

After the presentation, you have the option of integrating a juggling workshop. This workshop not only serves for activation and entertainment but also promotes networking among participants. Through partner exercises and collective juggling, a lively atmosphere is created where new connections can be made. Additionally, the juggling workshop can be used to practically experience and deepen the principles of error culture.

Provision of Materials

Upon prior arrangement, the juggling materials can be provided.

Exclusive gift proposal

As a special option, Andreas Gebhardt offers exclusive juggling balls as a gift. These balls are presented in an elegant wooden box and serve not only as a memento of the presentation but also as a motivating symbol for embracing mistakes and learning. The boxes can be customized with your own embossment.


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