Embrace the Future: Unlock the Power of Change

In a rapidly changing world, holding onto the old ways is risky. But what if we embraced growth, saw change as an opportunity, and dared to try new things?

Join Andreas Gebhardt, a motivational speaker on change, in this inspiring keynote as he shares his life story through awe-inspiring juggling acts. Discover that security is built through continuous development and a willingness to embrace change.

Learn how to take that crucial first step towards transformation. Just as juggling requires action, true change is achieved when we have the courage to embark on a new journey.

Don’t miss out on this empowering experience that will help you navigate the future with confidence and embrace change as a catalyst for success.

Get in touch now and unlock the power of change with Andreas Gebhardt, your guide and motivational speaker on embracing life’s transformations.

Testimonial Slider 3 Keynote Mut zum Change"Inspiring, motivating and
highly entertaining."
Testimonial Vorträge Backround 2"In the perfect balance between
valuable insights and great entertainment."
Testimonial Vorträge Backround 2"He touches hearts with his impressive performance
and creates powerful imagery - above all,
he inspires courage to dare something new."
Testimonial Vorträge Backround 2"Not only a breathtaking and entertaining show program,
but also a memorable transfer of knowledge -
a great highlight of our event."

Experience an extraordinary perspective on opportunities, challenges, and security. With his humorous and captivating style, Andreas Gebhardt, your motivational speaker on change, creates unforgettable images and invites you to marvel. He encourages us to venture step by step into the unknown. Because what is uncertain and unknown today becomes the foundation we can rely on tomorrow. So let yourself be inspired by laughter, wonder and a motivational message.



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Security is an illusion

  • Markets and work environments are constantly changing
    Security needs to be continually established
  • The best time for change is today

Greatness is composed of small steps

  • Success through individual decisions and actions
  • Focus on achievable steps rather than distant goals

Mistakes are part of the development process

  • Development and learning require attempts and errors
  • Importance of learning from mistakes and utilizing negative knowledge

How to Create new security

  • Taking risks, exploring the unknown
  • Today’s risks are tomorrow’s security

Involving everyone in the team

  • Addressing fears and concerns of team members
  • Visionaries and preservers are both relevant
  • Mutual respect and appreciation




The presentations typically have a duration of 30 to 45 minutes but can be flexibly adjusted to meet your needs. Whether you prefer a shorter presentation of 20 minutes or a more comprehensive performance of up to 90 minutes, Andreas Gebhardt, your motivational speaker on change, offers tailored speeches to accommodate your requirements.

Virtual or Hybrid Presentations

Andreas Gebhardt’s presentations are highly suitable for virtual events. With his specially equipped streaming studio, he can deliver a professional and impressive virtual presentation. The virtual presentations are concise and to the point, designed to maintain the audience’s attention and achieve maximum impact. Also hybrid events are feasible.

Juggling Workshop

After the presentation, you have the option of integrating a juggling workshop. This workshop not only serves for activation and entertainment but also promotes networking among participants. Through partner exercises and collective juggling, a lively atmosphere is created where new connections can be made. Additionally, the juggling workshop can be used to practically experience and deepen the principles of error culture.

Provision of Materials

Upon prior arrangement, the juggling materials can be provided.

Exclusive gift proposal

As a special option, Andreas Gebhardt offers exclusive juggling balls as a gift. These balls are in an elegant wooden box and serve not only as a memento of the presentation but also as a motivating symbol for embracing mistakes and learning. On top it is possible to customize the boxes with your own embossment.

Testimonials Vorträge Backround"The ideal combination of
entertainment, information and inspiration."
Testimonials Vorträge Backround“Inspiring and refreshingly different – loved it!“,
„Best session so far. Awesome.”
Testimonials Vorträge Backround“All participants enjoyed especially the
impressive combination of theory and practice.
An inspiration for all who are looking for new learning formats!”
Testimonials Vorträge Backround"Witty, dynamic, and above all, highly entertaining...
(he) combined inspiring food for thought for everyday work life
with spectacular juggling performances."


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